Unifying mathematical framework for synthesis and chromatographic separation of nanoparticles (D03, CRC1411) (2020-2023)

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In this sub-project of the CRC1411 we aim to develop a unifying macroscopic mathematical description of the synthesis and chromatographic separation of nanoparticles that is based on multidimensional nonlocal balance laws. Nonlocal balance laws are a rather new concept for the description of nanoparticles’ evolution within nanoparticles’ synthesis that will also be applicable in modelling chromatographic separation of nanoparticles. Nonlocal formulations of balance laws allow for the modelling of the macroscopic interaction between particles in a closed form. Sub-sequently, we will derive simulation and optimisation schemes covering a wide range of processes.

The project is funded by the Geman Research Council (DFG) through the Collaborative Research Center 1411 (CRC1411)

Runtime: 01/2020 – 12/2023, CSC: 100% E13